Honorary Awards

2023 Honorary Fellow Dr Jaqueline Lynch, presented by Finola Kerrigan

Fellow of the AM and Life Member (HFAM)

In recognition of extraordinary and distinguished services to the Academy, the Academy of Marketing proclaims Fellow of the AM and Life Member of the AM.

In 2023 Dr Jacqueline Lynch was presented with Honorary Fellowship by Professor Finola Kerrigan.

2023 Honorary Life Member Chris Daly presented by Professor Caroline Tynan

Life Achievement Award and Life Member (HLMAM)

In recognition of extraordinary and distinguished services to Marketing, the Academy of Marketing awards Life Membership of the AM.

In 2023 Chris Daly was presented with the Honorary Life Achievement Award by Professor Caroline Tynan.

Lynn Vos and Jacqueline Lynch

In 2022 Dr Lynn Vos was presented with Honorary Fellowship by Dr Jacqueline Lynch.

Sally Dibb and Caroline Tynan

In 2022 Professor Sally Dibb was presented with the Honorary Life Achievement Award by Professor Caroline Tynan.

2019 Fellow Christina Goulding with Finola Kerrigan
2019 Honorary Life Member Pauline Maclaran with Lisa O'Malley
2018 Fellow Douglas Brownlie with Lisa O'Malley
2017 Fellow Audrey Gilmore with Anne Marie Doherty
2017 Fellow John Egan with Jacqueline Lynch
2017 Honorary Life Member Nick Lee with Caroline Tynan
2017 Honorary Life Member Mary Kinghorn Davies with John Egan
2016 Fellow TC Melewar
2016 Honorary Life Member Jim Blythe
2015 Fellow Andrew McAuley with John Egan
2015 Honorary Life Member Aidan O'Driscoll with Audrey Gilmore
2014 Fellow Steve Baron with Anthony Patterson
2014 Honorary Life Member Susan Hart with Caroline Tynan
2013 Fellow Stuart Hanmer-Lloyd with John Egan
2013 Honorary Life Member Sally Muggeridge with Caroline Tynan
2012 Fellow Dave Wesson with Andrew McAuley
2012 Honorary Life Member Roger Bennett with Audrey Gilmore and FInola Kerrigan
2011 Fellow Phil Harris with Ruth Ashford and Caroline Tynan
2011 Honorary Life Member Robert East with Audrey GIlmore
2010 Fellow Caroline Tynan with Andrew McAuely and Ruth Ashford
2010 Fellow Carla Millar with Ruth Ashford and Audrey Gilmore
2009 Fellow Dale Littler with Caroline Tynan
2009 AM Honorary Life Member Norman Waite
2008 AM Fellow Jennifer Pegg with Andrew McAuley
2008 Honorary Life Member David Jobber with Caroline Tynan
2006 Honorary Life Member Robin Wensley
2004 Fellow Keith Crosier with Caroline Tynan
2014 Honorary Life Member Malcolm McDonald with Caroline Tynan

Fellow of the AM and Life Member (HFAM)

  • Dr Jacqueline Lynch (awarded Birmingham 2023)
  • Dr Lynn Vos (awarded Huddersfield 2022)
  • Professor Christina Goulding (awarded London 2019)
  • Professor Douglas Brownlie (awarded Stirling 2018)
  • Professor Audrey Gilmore (awarded Hull 2017)
  • Professor John Egan (awarded Hull 2017)
  • Professor TC Melewar (awarded Northumbria 2016)
  • Professor Andrew McAuley (awarded Limerick 2015)
  • Professor Steve Baron (awarded Bournemouth 2014)
  • Dr Stuart Hanmer-Lloyd (awarded South Wales 2013)
  • Dr David Wesson (awarded Southampton 2012)
  • Professor Phil Harris (awarded Liverpool 2011)
  • Professor Caroline Tynan (awarded Coventry 2010)
  • Professor Carla Millar (awarded Coventry 2010)
  • Professor Dale Littler (awarded Leeds 2009)
  • Jennifer Pegg (awarded Aberdeen 2008, d. November 2017)
  • Professor Mike Saren (awarded Kingston 2007)
  • Professor Michael Thomas (awarded Dublin 2005, d. Jan 2010)
  • Professor Donald Cowell (awarded Cheltenham 2004)
  • Keith Crosier (awarded Cheltenham 2004)
  • Elizabeth Liley (awarded Aston 2003, d. April 2004)
  • Professor David Carson (awarded Stirling 1999)
  • Professor Michael J. Baker (awarded Manchester 1997, d. August 2021)

Life Achievement Award and Life Member (HLMAM)

  • Chris Daly (awarded Birmingham 2023)
  • Professor Sally Dibb (awarded Huddersfield 2022)
  • Professor Pauline Maclaran (awarded London 2019)
  • Mary Kinghorn Davies (awarded Hull 2017, d. July 2020)
  • Professor Nick Lee (awarded Hull 2017)
  • Professor Jim Blythe (awarded Northumbria 2016)
  • Professor Aidan O’Driscoll (awarded Limerick 2015)
  • Professor Susan Hart (awarded Bournemouth 2014)
  • Sally Muggeridge (awarded South Wales 2013)
  • Professor Roger Bennet (awarded Southampton 2012)
  • Professor Robert East (awarded Liverpool 2011)
  • Norman Waite (awarded Leeds 2009)
  • Professor David Jobber (awarded Aberdeen 2008)
  • Professor Robin Wensley (awarded Middlesex 2006, d. September 2022)
  • Professor Tony Cunningham (awarded Dublin 2005)
  • Professor Malcolm McDonald (awarded Cheltenham 2004)
  • Professor Malcolm Cunningham (awarded Aston 2003, d. Oct 2014)
  • Alan Pulford (awarded Aston 2003, d. Jan 2012)
  • Professor Peter Doyle (awarded Cardiff 2001, d. March 2003)
  • Professor Kenneth Simmonds (awarded Cardiff 2001)
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