Professor Michael J Baker Doctoral Thesis Awards

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Professor Michael J. Baker Doctoral Thesis Awards

Michael J Baker in his office at University of Strathclyde

These awards reward and acknowledge excellence in Marketing doctoral theses. Jointly sponsored by the Academy of Marketing and the Department of Marketing at the University of Strathclyde, these awards honour the memory and achievements of the Academy’s first President and the Department of Marketing’s inaugural Head of Department, Professor Michael J. Baker.

2024 Awards

The deadline for submission is 5pm GMT 25 April 2024. Download the full announcement:

Professor Baker was particularly concerned with the conceptual development of marketing theory. He was a strong advocate for critical engagement with societal issues and challenges. Academic marketing’s influence on marketing practice was a key driving force throughout his career. He encouraged marketing academics to ‘eschew the bland formulaic contributions which can’t be faulted technically but seldom attract any strong feelings either positive or negative’ (Baker, 1995: 633). Thus we invite contributions from doctoral candidates whose marketing research focuses on fundamental problems and concerns within our society, and whose theses offer robust, insightful and/or innovative contributions with significant implications for marketing practice.

Doctoral students who have been awarded their thesis between the dates 01 January 2022 and 31 December 2023 are eligible to apply. (An applicant can only apply for this award once). The applicant and/or their supervisor must be a member of the Academy of Marketing at the time of submitting the application.

Key Criteria
Each submission must address five fundamental issues. Please explain:

i) Potential theoretical contribution to the field of marketing
ii) Potential contribution to society
iii) Potential contribution to the practice of marketing
iv) Methodological rigour
v) Clarity of expression / cogency

The awards will be judged by a committee appointed by the Chair of AMRC. In any cases of conflict of interest involving the Chair of AMRC, they will be replaced by the Chair of the Academy who will manage that aspect of the process. The award committee’s decision is final and there will be no recourse to appeal.

The awards will be made at the Academy of Marketing Annual Conference held in July. We will award three prizes:
1st: £1500; 2nd: £1000; 3rd: £500. The award recipients will be celebrated at the Gala Dinner at the AM2024 Conference in Cardiff. The Academy will pay for accommodation for 1 night, and attendance at the Gala Dinner for the successful recipients. Any additional costs incurred are the responsibility of the recipient.

How to Apply

Please complete the application form and submit a single-spaced document of 20 pages (maximum) text in 12pt Times New Roman. You will need to provide the following information:

i) An Abstract of 200 words
ii) An overview of your thesis that addresses all five criteria above
iii) Where relevant, a table that includes all publications from your thesis including conference papers

All submissions should be in Journal of Marketing Management style. References are not counted in the 20 page limit but should be included as an Appendix.

The deadline for submission is 5pm GMT 25 April 2024. The submission form (and any queries) should be sent to: [email protected]

2023 Award Winners

Awards were presented by Professor Iain Davies (University of Strathclyde) from the AM Research Committee, and Professor Anne Marie Doherty (University of Strathclyde), Chair of the Academy of Marketing, at the AM2023 Conference Gala Dinner in Birmingham

2023 Professor Michael J Baker Doctoral Thesis Award - First

First Prize:

Asheeabee R. Shaheen Hosany
Children’s Influence, Sustainability, Resource Scarcity and Family Consumption

2023 Professor Michael J Baker Doctoral Thesis Award - Second

Second Prize:

Rohan Venkatraman
Exploring the Construction, Embodiment and Management of Disruptive Consumer Performances Using Practice Theory

2023 Professor Michael J Baker Doctoral Thesis Award - Third

Third Prize:

Songyi Yan
Interlinking the Three Pillars of Sustainability in the Context of the Fashion Industry and Microfibre Pollution

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