Research Funding Recipients

Academy of Marketing Research Funding 2021

  • Pilar Rojas Gaviria, University of Birmingham, The Interplay between Consumption and Embodied Discourse during Times of Transition: Catharsis amid Horror and Confusion in Menopause
  • Leah Gillooly, Manchester Metropolitan University, An exploration of queuing and associated consumer experience(s)
  • Sianne Gordon-Wilson, University of Portsmouth, Animated, Anthropomorphic and Verbal Elements in Recycling Communication
  • Jessie Qun Ren, Solent University, Social exchange theory in B2B relationships: An exploration of the mechanisms generating cooperation – A dyadic multiple case study
  • Mona Moufahim, University of Stirling, Religion tourism consumption and management: a study of pilgrimage to multi-faith cultural and religious heritage sites in Postwar Lebanon
  • Katie Casey, University of Kent, Between Waste and Want: Disposing Objects of Ambiguous Value
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