Consumer Research with Impact for Society (CRIS) SIG

Consumer Research with Impact for Society (CRIS) SIG

Emma Banister

SIG Co-Chair

Emma Banister, Alliance Manchester Business School

Kathy Hamilton

SIG Co-Chair

Kathy Hamilton, Strathclyde Business School

Maria Piacentini

SIG Co-Chair

Maria Piacentini, Lancaster University Management School

Susan Dunnett

SIG Co-Chair

Susan Dunnett, University of Edinburgh Business School

About the SIG

Welcome to the Consumer Research with Impact for Society (CRIS) SIG. Our aim is to bring together consumer researchers working on socially impactful work. Academic consumer research that has social impact is becoming more visible, fuelled by the momentum of the Transformative Consumer Research movement, and changing measures of academic success, such as REF. Countries around the world face a range of pressing social issues where consumer researchers can contribute, for example, research that reveals ways to improve well-being for those who are in positions of vulnerability. The SIG will provide a forum for consumer researchers, teachers and practitioners who want to develop and share knowledge about the contextual areas in which social impact is demonstrated/claimed, the forms that social impact can take, and methodological and theoretical approaches to social impact.

The Consumer Research with Impact for Society Special Interest Group has six objectives:

  • To stimulate academic debate through the dissemination of research findings, theoretical contributions, and successful social impact business/third sector practices among members.
  • To share best methodological practice for marketing academics pursuing socially impactful consumer research and create a supportive community for members.
  • To facilitate interaction between marketing academics and representatives from social impact organisations (e.g. third sector employees, policy makers, business people).
  • To develop and share resources for teaching that address social impact issues as they apply to marketing and consumer research.
  • To develop expertise on approaches to framing, publishing, and representing research that is socially impactful.
  • To build capacity for new theoretical, methodological and substantive developments and identify specific opportunities for future research collaboration on special sessions, special issues, publications and research projects, research funding bids.

To keep up to date with activities, follow us on Twitter @SocialImpactSIG, join us on our LinkedIn group or contact us at [email protected]

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