Marketplace Access SIG

Marketplace Access SIG

Leighanne Higgins

SIG Co-Chair

Leighanne Higgins, Lancaster University

Katharina C. Husemann

SIG Co-Chair

Katharina C. Husemann, King’s College University of London

Anica Zeyen

SIG Co-Chair

Anica Zeyen, Royal Holloway University of London

Welcome to the Marketplace Access SIG

The purpose of this platform is to explore the contours of marketplace access.

Within marketing and consumer research to date, marketplace access(ibility) predominantly prioritises disabled consumer experiences, and refers to the creation, maintenance, and experience of a barrier-free market environment, which disabled customers can access and participate in independently (Kaufman‐Scarborough, 1998, 2001; Baker et al., 2001, 2002). Informed by research streams and traditions on consumer vulnerability, transformative consumer research and macro-marketing, scholarship on marketplace access highlights the physical and attitudinal barriers to marketplace environments and consumption opportunities. However, our own research interests into disabled consumption experiences have made us aware of the wider contours of marketplace (in-)access, including (the lack of) culturally inclusive market environments and its discriminatory effects on consumers. Furthermore, discriminatory access barriers do not only affect consumers with disabilities, but various other marginalized groups. In other words, the marketplace can be inaccessible to the aged, to different genders, races, social classes. Just as we are all subject to consumer vulnerability (Baker et al., 2005), none of us are immune from marketplace in-access. We will all face discriminatory barriers and suffer some form(s) of marketplace inaccessibility at some point in our lifetimes.

The Marketplace Access SIG aims to (re-)define and widen the contours of Marketplace Access discussions within marketing and consumer research. To do so, it will foster a dialogue and expand knowledge on Marketplace Access among a range of stakeholders including academics, companies, policymakers and consumers. We seek to develop a rich and collaborative network of academics interested in Marketplace Access to motivate research that challenges and transforms the concept of marketplace access in theory and practice. We believe that understanding the policies, strategic practices and barriers that create or hinder marketplace access, will help us identify and promote marketplace solutions that are more democratic, fair, transformative and inclusive.

The Marketplace Access SIG has the following objectives:

  • To (re-)define, widen, and challenge the contours of Marketplace Access within marketing and consumer research.
  • To facilitate interaction on the contours of Marketplace Access across academics, businesspeople, and policy makers.
  • To foster collaborative research networks interested in challenging and transforming Marketplace Access.
  • To disseminate research findings, theoretical contributions, and successful business practices among members.

To keep up to date with activities, follow us on Twitter @MarketAccessSIG, or contact us via email:

Leighanne Higgins: [email protected]
Katharina C. Husemann: [email protected]
Anica Zeyen: [email protected]

Actioning Marketplace Access Masterclass Series

In June 2023 a series of Masterclasses were held, and videos of these can be found at the links below:

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