Sustainability SIG

Sustainability SIG

Pallavi Singh

SIG Chair

Pallavi Singh, Sheffield Hallam University

Claudia Henninger

SIG Co-Chair

Claudia E. Henninger, University of Manchester

SIG Co-Chair

Sianne Gordon-Wilson, Queen Mary University of London

Marta Blazquez

SIG Co-Chair

Marta Blazquez, University of Manchester

Maria Lichrou

SIG Co-Chair

Maria Lichrou, University of Limerick

Panayiota (Julie) Alevizou

SIG Co-Chair

Panayiota (Julie) Alevizou, University of Sheffield

Aims of the SIG

The Academy of Marketing Sustainability Special Interest Group was developed and launched in 2016. It provides a forum for researchers, teachers and practitioners who want to develop and share knowledge of sustainability and marketing. The SIG members will generate marketing research around sustainability; disseminate ideas and materials for teaching sustainability in marketing; and collaborate with practitioners to engage business with academic research. The overall aim of the SIG is to have a significant and positive impact on marketing and society.

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Pallavi Singh – Chair Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield Business School
Dr Pallavi Singh, chair of the SIG is an early career researcher with an interest in sustainable consumption behaviour of consumers as individuals and also in family setting. Her current research interest focuses on environmental education, its spill over effect on families’ sustainable consumption behaviour, influence of children, sustainable consumption of young consumers, food waste behaviours of consumers and impact factors on it and socialisation and reverse socialisation theory. She has worked with non-profit organisation in Sheffield on surplus food waste redistribution on a funded project. She is currently working on projects on environmental reverse socialisation in India and UK and also on consumer food waste behaviours. She has published her work in book chapters and in the Journal Sustainability. She serves as consultant for social businesses, charity organisations and not for profit organisations.

Claudia E Henninger – Co-Chair, University of Manchester, Department of Materials
Dr Claudia E Henninger is a Senior Lecturer in Fashion Marketing Management, with a research interest in sustainability, the circular economy, and more specifically collaborative consumption, in the context of the fashion industry. Her work has been published in the European Journal of Marketing, the Journal of Fashion Marketing & Management, and the International Journal of Management Review, and she has edited a variety of books on sustainable fashion, including “Sustainability in Fashion – A Cradle to Upcycle Approach”. Claudia is further the Chair of the Academy of Marketing’s SIG Sustainability.

Sianne Gordon-Wilson – Co-Chair, Queen Mary University of London
Dr Sianne Gordon-Wilson is a Lecturer in Marketing and Communications and Deputy Chair for her school’s Research Committee at Queen Mary University of London. Her research areas are sustainable behaviour, sustainable communications, sustainable consumption, and sustainable living/lifestyles. Her work has been published in Psychology and Marketing and the International Journal of Hospitality Management. She is currently the Associate Editor for Journal of Consumer Behaviour and sits on the editorial review board for International Journal of Consumer Studies and Psychology and Marketing.

Marta Blazquez – Co Chair University of Manchester, Department of Materials
Dr Marta Blazquez is a Senior Lecturer in Fashion Marketing at the Department of Materials. She was awarded a European PhD in Marketing with Cum Laude mention. Her research interest includes omnichannel retail, experiential marketing, in-store technology, digital branding and digital sustainability. Her research has been published in leading journals and presented at national and international conferences. She has been a visiting researcher in the Oxford Institute of Research Management (OXIRM), University of Oxford, and has been an invited lecturer on several occasions in China and Spain. Marta supervises a number of PhD and MSc students in the areas of fashion marketing, retailing and sustainability. She holds a BA in Advertising and PR and has developed a career in the advertising a marketing industry for more than 10 years.

Maria Lichrou – Co-Chair University of Limerick, Kemmy Business School
Dr Maria Lichrou is a lecturer in Marketing and Course director of the MSc in Marketing, Consumption and Society at the University of Limerick Kemmy Business School. Her research builds on critical marketing and consumer research perspectives, with a focus on place, sustainability and sustainable consumption. Her work on sustainable consumption includes funded projects by the Environmental Protection Agency, Ireland. Recent publications in this space appear in the Journal of Macromarketing and Resources, Conservation and Recycling.

Panayiota (Julie) Alevizou – Co-Chair University of Sheffield, Management School
Dr Panayiota J Alevizou is a Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Sheffield Management School. The key pillars of her research are the engagement of consumers with eco labels and certifications and companies’ sustainability communication strategies. She has edited and authored several books and her work has been published in the European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Marketing Management. She is co-chair of the Academy of Marketing’s SIG Sustainability.

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