Digital Marketing & Analytics SIG

Digital Marketing and Analytics SIG

Anabel Gutierrez

SIG Co-Chair

Dr Anabel Gutierrez, Royal Holloway University of London

Delia Vazquez

SIG Co-Chair

Dr Delia Vazquez, University of Manchester

Hatice Kizgin

SIG Co-Chair

Dr Hatice Kizgin, University of Twente

Bhavini Desai

SIG Co-Chair

Dr Bhavini Desai, Regent’s University London

The developments and convergence of technology have generated a complex digital ecosystem that creates, captures, and copies data reaching 64.2 zettabytes in 2020. Furthermore, Statista has projected global data creation to grow by more than 180 zettabytes by 2025. Individuals and organisations are generating a vast digital footprint, transforming the nature and role of business and the fundamental way humans interact in modern society.

At the same time, digital transformations create a high demand for analytics skills within all business areas, and marketing plays a critical role. Digital marketing enables organisations to use data analytics to personalise consumer experiences and increase meaningful interaction with individuals and organisations. However, addressing consumers’ data privacy concerns and implementing data protection regulations are critical aspects of the data analytics process.

Developing an analytics mindset to see business problems from a data perspective is a complex challenge in constant motion due to the evolving maturity and convergence of technologies such as AI, NFTs, robotics, virtual/augmented/mixed reality and Quantum computing. Furthermore, such technologies are creating new ecosystems and sources of data leading to plenty of debate about how autonomous systems or metaverse environments, to mention some examples, could work in the future. More importantly, how its implementation will impact individuals, businesses and society.

This SIG aims to become a hub for academics and digital marketing practitioners to embrace a sustainable data-driven approach relevant to the evolving digital economy.

SIG membership is open to members and non-members of the Academy of Marketing.

Follow us on Twitter @DMAnalytics_SIG to keep up to date with our activities, or contact us via email:
Anabel Gutierrez: [email protected]
Delia Vazquez: [email protected]
Bhavini Desai: [email protected]
Hatice Kizgin: [email protected]

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